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The Brew Estate

The Brew Estate Panchkula has four floors, café style ambiance, it’s a great place to relax after a long, unforgiving day. The top floor of the Brew Estate has an open sky, where you can drink craft beer and fine dine under the stars. In summers it gives you a feeling of breezy chills in the body and in winters, it feels like you’re in the hills with the Himalayan range visible in front of the eyes. The Brew Estate Panchkula is one of the few beer café in Panchkula, it’s definitely the best microbrewery in Panchkula. The people in Panchkula also term Brew Estate as a family restaurant in Panchkula and for the youth-- a hangout place in Panchkula.

Looking for a pub in Panchkula, well you definitely found the one that will suit you the best. The bar menu and bottles of liquor in Panchkula are never-ending, the entire length of the four floors is stocked with whiskey, gin, vodka, rum etc. Head onto the Brew Estate for the best beers in Panchkula.


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