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The Brew Estate



11:00 A.M. - 12:00 A.M.

Indoor & outdoor dining area

ENJOYABLE & comfortable

ENJOYABLE & comfortable
Fried Rice
Best Brewery in Tricity

We Brew with Precision

Creating anything is an art, and crafting beer is definitely an art, coupled with a hint of science. Our master brewers have come all the way from Germany and Belgium, and have an impressive grasp of the art that cannot be replicated anywhere in the country. Our massive range of brews is made with perfection and is the stuff of dreams. That’s why, we are regarded as the best microbrewery in Chandigarh, which tops up as a family restaurant. Other than craft beer, our bar has an extensive range of liquor, the variety and amount only a few pubs in Chandigarh have got.

We Serve with Love

A home is as good as the people in it. At the BrewEstate, our family of servers will remind you of the affection you receive at home. Well versed with their Ps and Qs, and appropriately trained in the skill of service, the attendants at The Brew Estate will make sure your experience starts and ends with smiles. Brew Estate is known for its best beer in Chandigarh, also as a beer café in Chandigarh.


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impeccable hospitality

impeccable hospitality
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enjoyable & comfortable

enjoyable & comfortable

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