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The Brew Estate

The Brew Estate Patiala is place full of vibrancy, youth and strong beer. It’s one of the few places that offer craft beer in Patiala. The Brew Estate Patiala is considered the best microbrewery in Patiala by many people. It also serves as a family restaurant in Patiala because of its friendly ambiance. The craft beer available at the Brew Estate Patiala is the strongest as preferred by the people there. It’s a fab hangout place in Patiala after long hours of work and study.

The Brew Estate Patiala has much of its features matching to the royal city Patiala, like it’s royal ambiance, the quick service and the kingly feel you get when you’re sitting there and sipping exotic beer with the best food combination you’ll ever get. The menu is customized accordingly to how Patiala eats and dines. We know that Patiala loves to drink, therefore the bar and the bar menu are big enough to get you mad drunk with different emotions.