About us

The Brewestate

The Brew Estate is the first microbrewery of Himachal Pradesh, as Shimla gets more microbreweries, we will make sure that the Brew Estate remains on the top as the best microbrewery in Shimla. Located at one of the best locations, the Ridge, the Brew Estate opened in Shimla in the month of November, 2018. We feel joyous by the reception it has received by the craft beer lovers and foodies alike. The Brew Estate Shimla is a place to rejoice for the locals, while it serves as a hangout place in Shimla and a great pub in Shimla for the tourists.

The Brew Estate offers the local cuisine of Himachal Pradesh and cuisine from all over the world like Italian, Chinese, American etc, with craft beer, you get one of the most fulfilling meals you’ll ever have. The Brew Estate is also termed as a family restaurant in Shimla for its friendly ambiance and food for all age groups. The view from the Brew Estate is just ecstatic.