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Chandigarh Largest Microbrewery Chandigarh's Largest Microbrewery

About The Brew Estate


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The Brew Estate is the largest microbrewery in the tri-city region, where you step in once and repeatedly want to come back to re-live the unforgettable experience from your first time! As you enter, you are engulfed in the warmth of the café-style décor that will be the perfect host for all types of gatherings you may think of! The bar, with its delectable range of spirits will keep you well entertained during those nights of joyous get-togethers. The Brew Estate is best restaurant in Chandigarh

Our brews, straight from Germany and Belgium will be the best in the Country, and promise to be an experience as unique as humanity itself. The outdoor courtyard, covered abundantly with green grass and laid out with intimate cabanas will provide the perfect setting for the most memorable of times you can have. Our menu is as wide as the Earth itself, with dishes from various nooks and crannies of the planet that will have your taste buds shedding tears of joy.

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We Cook with Passion.

Our food is a globally inspired, multi-cuisine presentation that will give your gastronomical senses an overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Our well trained and extraordinarily skilled chefs will whip a storm on your taste buds that will set the standards of what food should be like.

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We Brew with Precision.

Creating anything is an art, and crafting beer is definitely an art, coupled with a hint of science. Our master brewers have come all the way from Germany and Belgium, and have an impressive grasp of the art that cannot be replicated anywhere in the country. Our massive range of brews is made with perfection, and is the stuff of dreams!

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We Serve with Love.

A home is as good as the people in it. At The Brew Estate, our family of servers will remind you of the affection you receive at home. Well versed with their Ps and Qs, and appropriately trained in the skill of service, the attendants at The Brew Estate will make sure your experience starts and ends with smiles.


Why Book A Table?

Apart from being the largest microbrewery lounge restaurant in Chandigarh, The Brew Estate is also the best in Chandigarh! An unmatched experience is what awaits you at The Brew Estate, which can be replicated nowhere else! The friendliness of the café-style seating, the joyous setting of the bar, the globally-inspired gourmet fare, the intimate cabanas, and the peace greenery of the outsides – will all having you coming back for a remarkable time that will lead you to concur with the winning stature of The Brew Estate.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make a reservation, and live in the best moments you will experience. Only, at The Brew Estate.



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  • The Brew Estate
    Elante Mall, 3rd Floor Chandigarh-160002
  • +91-9888788887
  • 11:00AM to 12:00AM